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Personal online-system

Analytical instrument for data processing is an effective tool that allows making quick administrative decisions based on processed data.

Key characteristics: Personalization Flexibility Information completeness Transparent result.

Special options for corporate and private users provide the possibility to choose a preferable way to receive the information.

The system allows preserving personal marks on messages’ margins for later use as a customized search filter. You will never lose your information again and will no longer waste time on flipping through archives in search of data.

You can independently review media-monitoring results by selecting targeted media indices and opening them in a drop box of enlisted short messages.

Sources and functions are defined based on a customer’s actual needs: it is important for us to create a product that will become an integral part of your everyday business environment releasing more time for your growth and development of your ideas and that at the same time will feel comfortable budget-wise.

To meet those goals we keep our range of qualitative characteristics versatile, corresponding to a set of classic values of the world’s analytical systems with personalized approach where you can always add more personally customized symbols, values or indices.

Leave alone a statistics of references, specialists from a PR department will be able to assess quality of media resonance based on overall tone, genre, focus of attention, main theme, AVE index and other multiple options available online. 

An algorithm of process when working with data: feed data → information → analysis → effective organization.